Sunday, September 21, 2008


Drunken Jerzoid Plows Through Stacked Produce at the Farmers Market Making Some Tomato Paste on the Way ...

A vehicle bearing New Jersey plates plowed through some stacked produce crates , pushing several crates of tomatos into the middle of avenue A , around 6 am this morning .Several witnesses were present with all noting that the driver of the vehicle was quite angry and quite drunk .
A New Jersey tagged vehicle , as is so often the case on Saturday night on avenue A , was parked in front of a fire hydrant while its party of revelers were directly across avenue A at Odessa restaurant . According to witnesses when the party returned to the vehicle an argument ensued , beer cans in hand , over the truck that was unloading and blocking their exit from their illegal parking space . The truck driver noted that several of the party were threatening while banging on his truck with the beer cans . Before the truck could move some of the party of drunken bridge-and-tunnel revelers reved their engine and drove into the stack of vegies ahead of them clearing a path and pushing several crates ahead of them down avenue A . According to witnesses some of the party of the out-of-state vehicle were left behind at the scene .
No one was injured in this incident though it was close at times . According to witnesses some of the workers doing the unloading were barely missed by an inch or so as the drunken driver accelerated through the vegie crates .
The vehicle's New Jersey plate number was recorded and given to the police .

All these "trendy" places are catering to the drunken assholes--I overheard one proprietor saying these frat and other boys can't even stand up--
please...spare me with the "trendy" rhetoric. i've lived on avenue a for 25 years and bars are bars. they fill with kids who get drunk and then fight or almost hit people with cars. the tompkins regulars drink, get drunk, harass people or o.d. without a trendy setting at the same time. what i want to know is why did it take so long for the police car to show up this morning? there should be a police presence on the street from 2-6am every day- that's when it all goes down. everyday.
1) I really try and support the NYPD but you guys -- as much as I appreciate your guts -- you are very courageous and make a difference -- you good ones and you get a special place in Heaven for your courage and dealing with the public -- some of the New York public are amongst the most demanding and many nuts, junkies, alcoholics, dry drunks, narcissists supremes, self entitled jerks and I am not even talking about the corrupt landlords, developers, financial types, all kidding themselves they smell like roses when their behavior stinks and community board 3, sla3 -- big stink, big stink...

2) As long as the present community board and sla3 is in place it just stinks of alcohol and in my opinion corruption.

What do you expect when the community board chair owns all the bars along the street and profits from all the bar crawls and people that treat this place like an adult disney land from hell? The entire cb3 and sla3 need to be dismissed and it may take a scandal to finally get someone to do something around here.

Stinks of booze and worse....
The 9th precinct is often , on Saturday and Sunday mornings , short-handed for a few hours . From 3am or so till 5am in the morning on these weekend nights there is so much activity in the form of assaults , traffic problems and lesser confrontations , most the result of excesive alcohol consumption , that the police will be at times as many as 6 radio calls behind .We have monitored such situations with police communicatrions many times .We have seen the bloody results that follow too.

What we mean here is that during this 2 to 3 hour period all available police personnel are for the duration fully occupied with on-hand problems and that there may be half-a-dozen or so problem scenes calling for police assistance or supervision which will not receive timely attention . This is not a new situation and is not solely the fault of the 9th precinct and NYPD in general .... there are simply too many bars and too many drunks .

We enjoy a good bar like Lucy's on avenue A and a few drinks but what goes on downtown on weekend nights has gone way beyond just "weekend fun" and has in fact grown to be a monster public order problem .

Mayor Mike makes a lot of tax revenue on all this alcohol consumption though ... even though most of the newer bars would be technically unlawful if the New York State Liquor Authority ( SLA) had applied the the law properly ,lawfully when granting licenses . We did not have to have this problem .Thank the SLA and city hall , including Mayor Mike , for this situation folks .
Fuck. I hope that driver gets nailed to the court wall. Yes, any number of farmer's market workers could have been hurt. The Lebanese farm is my favorite stall at the market. Their produce has gotten better over the years, and they are always there, rain or snow be damned. They didn't need this.
Sorry to disappoint, but it's not a matter of low manpower. The NYPD has a policy whereby they will not do anything in the case of a hit and run. In other words, unless the driver stays at the scene and waits for a cop to arrive and fill out a report and possibly arrest him, nothing will happen to him. Giving cops the driver's plate number does no good either.

I've been through this before.
i'm so mad about this incident. i buy produce at this market most sundays and no one there's getting rich. i have an inherent--i'm willing to admit--perhaps irrational prejudice against the jerzoids you described. maybe that's why i'm so enraged. i'm also amazed you were there at 6 am to photograph it.
That's because Bob is a graduate of the WeeGee school of photojournalism....
Mama pajama--what does that mean?????
I googled weegee and read all about Arthur Fellig and Naked City--thanks for the lead...
post the plate #, we'll figure it out.
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