Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Drug Bust at the Window of Ray's Candy Store ...

Monday night at 7 pm with Francine sitting and watching up close , NYPD personnel apprehended 2 women at the window of Ray's Candy Store on what was , we suspect , a routine buy-and-bust operation .
One of the women apprehended , the one in the black shirt , was a drug counselor who had been trying to help the other woman . She was mistakenly cuffed in the confusion . She was shortly un-cuffed , released and left the scene .
Another male was seen in custody at the scene later . He and the one female remained in custody and were removed by police from the scene .

This makes me sick. How many police hours are wasted harassing people engaged in non-violent activities while the cops never show up for important calls? Why won't they bust people pissing on my door or drunk jerks screaming outside my window at 1am?

The police in NYC have no priorities. As long as drug sales are discrete, who cares? I have no problems with escort services either, but the authorities will spend thousands on the bloody spitzer case.

When will this madness end? We have so many quality of life issues. Why can't the police focus on those instead of idiotic operations such as this?
Francine, much like the dude, abides
pissing on the door and drunk jerks screaming outside the window--sounds like the old days!
I KNEW there had to something unlawful in Ray's Lime Rickies -- they taste too good to be legal....
Ray himself made a coffee egg cream for me yesterday and it was the foamiest-richest-best!!
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