Friday, September 12, 2008


I was out last night and it was beautiful--feeling of Fall in the air--a coolness--thellights were shining--respect for those killed in 9/11
Bob--did you use a blue filter while taking this great photo??
No filter
how did you get such a blue color in this photo?? Did tyou use a flash and the light at hand???beautiful shot.
The blue is the light as it really is . The image was developed from a raw data file to get the correct color and saturation of the twin blue beams . Since the night sky ,especially around the moon is actually blue and not black as our eyes see it , the sky and the diffuse light in the clouds was also represented as ,to us at least , an enhanced exceptional and un-natural blue .

The sky at night is blue just as in the daylight . Our eyes color receptors though are not sensitive enough to see such low intensity color as that of the night time sky . When one images a night time sky it is thus often rendered as here , blue because this blue night sky is what the camera actually detects .

This is something that video cameras as well as digital cameras are wont to do . some films will show the blue of the night sky also but not to anything like the extent that the electronic cameras do .

Though the image above doesn't look natural it is a fairly accurate response to the sky which is suffused with blue light , even at night .

It is I suppose possible to get the sky adjusted to values that are more as we are accustomed to seeing it but it would be a lot of work .
Bob--thank you for the lesson and information....
Incredible photo Bob.
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