Thursday, September 04, 2008


People are Lunching in the Middle of Broadway These Days ..

It's not the great wide-way anymore . Below 42nd Street , Broadway is now a narrow-way . In the middle of Broadway now people sun themselves , read , nibble and sip treats as they inhale lungs-full of an extra strong dose of freshly created diesel and gasoline engine exhaust produced by a whole parking lot ( continuous traffic jam) full of idling engines just 15 feet distant . Was there an environmental impact study made for this new , re-designed " pedestrian friendly" Broadway ?
Below 42nd st. Broadway is now 2 traffic lanes mostly full of standing , idling vehicles shared with a pedestian mall and a bike lane marked out in a shade of green . We saw 6 bicycles during the 45 minutes that we observed this new creation , 2 used the bike lane and 4 bicycles used the 2 traffic lanes with the standing , idling vehicles .
At the uptown end of this traffic engineering and urban planning wonder stood a guard tower . A site reminding us of nothing so much as an up-state prison yard . Is this new "pedestrian friendly" Broadway so unsafe as to actually require continuous police surveilance from a looming guard tower ?
Up Broadway a ways , at 44th Street , it appeared that at least some drivers had wised-up to the choke-point at 42nd street and the "parking lot" full of idling engines waiting below it . As can be seen above these drivers were creating a little "traffic turbulence" of their own by turning off to the east .
Just which voting bloc was this redesigned Broadway meant to please ?

"Just which voting bloc was this redesigned Broadway meant to please?"

Maybe the vast majority of New Yorkers (about 70%) who use mass transit instead of cars to travel into and out of Manhattan. Pedestrians are spilling off sidewalks into the streets because there isn't enough room to walk. The Boulevard isn't perfect (the bike lane is pretty useless) but we need more space for people, not cars.
Thanks for the info. I only drive weekends so it isn't as bad then. still, one double parked car and shit hits the fan.

It also makes me aware of our growing homeless population that has come out from hiding. at night, everyone sits on the benches, which is a life of luxury compared to most free public sleep spaces. well there is the subway but that's 2 bucks.

44th street may always have that issue because it is lined with hotels, and so people always turn there, a lot. Anyway, you make a good point sighting the pollution factor. these projects are connected to bloomberg's greenyc project, ironically enough.
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