Thursday, September 11, 2008


Another "Tune-Up" for a Drunken Knuckle-Head ...

Last night a drunken , smart-assed L.E.S. Jewels was annoying people on avenue A ; in one case threatening a young woman with bodily harm if she did not" get off his block" . According to witnesses he even played in traffic a bit as he was wont to do in the days before his last long term incarceration . Last night some of the locals responded as in the past with a special sort of "tune-up" for Jewels on avenue A .

This afternoon according to witnesses Jewels was seen in Tompkins Square Park in police custody . We do not know why the police were holding him . We do not know whether or not he is still being held by police .

Is Jewels still undomiciled??If so maybe that's why he is in trouble.
reading about his exploits makes me happy i don't live next to the park anymore.

i lived next to the park for 10 years and loved it for most of the time. while i'm sure some of the Crusties are ok... the drunken actions of those like Jewels make me so happy to have moved on to a quieter neighborhood.
I am repulsed by the drunks and drug addicts but there is no escaping them...they are like NYU t shirts, they are everywhere you go in NYC.
that girlfriend of his is a smart one
can this douche get any more boring? god no wonder all the smart people are moving out of nyc and all the dumb yuppies are moving in
Many smart women look like fools when it comes to to men we attracted to,

in fact that includes the majority of us, me included, but than look at the choices in men....
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