Friday, September 05, 2008


Amy , Back From Summering in Mississippi

But did Jules make it out of the bayou alive?
Yes somehow he did . They were playing together yesterday in TSP and later on Ave. A.
great shot bob
missed you in NYC two weeks ago
down in New Orleans now
Jim Flynn
She is so perfect. You should give us an update on her psycho-charming boyfriend. He gave me a rather long explanation of Amy's proficiency in capturing fish the other day. I believe her family also bought him a shirt. This was unsolicited and I do not even know the guy.

Perhaps you could get some stories out of this? Similarly, any crusty developments?
she and psycho-charming are married, right?
maybe im a cynic, but how in any possible way could jewels be charming? he is the classic case of a scumbag, wants to be treated one way yet treats people totally different, incapable of self growth, constantly gets fucked up yet never learns, has no REAL friends, and all that jazz. amy, i dunno, seems like a nice person with a real good heart, a little twisted though when it comes to matters of the heart it seems.
They are married in spirit ; there was no license for their wedding .
"They are married in spirit ; there was no license for their wedding ."

got it. actually, kind of glad to hear that. can't imagine sending my daughter off to NYU, and she returns home, to Mississippi no less, with Jewels. haha! get out those mint juleps.
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