Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Tenants of 176 E. 3rd Street Present Their Case Monday Night with More to Come ...

Monday night some of the tenants of 176 E. 3rd street and some of their neighbors gathered in front of their building to present their case to whomever would listen . The "Villager" was there . Luke Henry who is running for the state assembly against Sheldon Silver in the Democratic primary was also there . We were told that more reporters from other papers will visit the building and hear the tenants complaints of harassment in the next day or two .
The event continued for 2 hours and a constantly changing crowd of neighbors and passers-by passed through stopping to listen and discuss the situation as it is today with landlords , developers and the lack of goverment protection of lawful tenats from such harassment and other unlawful behavior .
More details of this situation at 176 E. 3rd street can be found at the previous post here at NMNL .

This is again excellent coverage and that is Bob at his best.

I just want to know if they bumped in to Mike Rosen and if anyone asked him if he has any plans to move his Lenin statue to the roof top of his duplex or triplex on top of the Christa Dora and how about honoring the community facility? He could move the Lenin sculpture from the top of his huge ugly development which reflects Wall St. values and put it on top of the Christa Dora because at least way back when before Mike Rosen bought luxury living there and as much of the community's good will he can try and buy up it was a building that was really for the people.

mini Mike Bloomberg wannabe that makes Mayor Mike look like a stand up guy. At least he is what he is and selling some Red Square lie and fantasies.

The both try to buy people's good will but at least Bloomberg doesn't put a statue of Lenin on top of a huge property his wife's family owned and he developed and kid himself Lenin is waving at Wall Street or that he is a man of the people -- he is a man that wants to buy good will and apparently he has the money to do so but he is and was a developer though he tries to pretend not anymore.

How about the community facility in the Christa Dora. That will make penthouse living extra Lenin like to give the community a pool. You can even adopt the people that swim there Mike and write a book about it and get front page The New York Times feel good pieces on Thanksgiving like you did! Hey our mega millionaire, socialite City Planner gets front page puff pieces on The New York Times and Mike Lenin Red Square Rosen although he won't step up and demand the Christa Dora honor it's community facility.

Lenin would be proud that you live in the symbol of gentrification high above us all. Bravo.
Is the news reporter from The Villager an NYU student? Does NYU own that paper or does John "air space" Sutter still own that rag posing as a Village paper?
Luke Henry and Paul Newell are running against Silver in the Democratic primary. But Luke was actually asked to run by Silver's organization to split the vote with Newell and ensure that Silver stays in.

In other words, Henry is a tool of Silver. Don't vote for that guy.
Why is that girl with the notepad bare foot?
Paul Newell spammed me after I donated to Obama. After unsubscribing I read his site and decided to vote for him. Did not even know there was an election on the 9th. Does Newell owe thanks to Obama? I think so.
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