Sunday, August 17, 2008


Pandamonium in Union Square Park Saturday Night ...

A little bit past 8 pm the pandas began appearing in the south end of Union Square Park . The music began a little later and the crowd of white-and-black masked partiers started moving to the rythmic sounds coming from their boom-boxes . With a low-power FM panda run transmitter broadcasting the official party tunes , all had tuned-in to this transmitter's frequency , 88.7 FM . This particular frequency was once a favorite in the old East Village of yore having been the number to tune to , to hear the local anarchic and un-lawful pirate radio station know as "Steal This Radio" .
The party continued in USP for a while but just before 9pm slithered and girated down the hole to party-on riding the L-train to Brooklyn .
We didn't go along to Brooklyn , a big mistake , so we did not see with our own eyes what happened with all the partying pandas later in the evening . Someone who did go along to Brooklyn though told us all about what he saw during the remainder of the anarchic panda partying evening .
After going down the hole in USP , the pandas mounted several cars of the L-train and danced and partied to their 88.7 provided sounds all the way under the river to Brooklyn .
In Brooklyn , out of the hole the pandas danced heading down a brooklyn street ...and yes the free beer was right there as promised , iced -down in buckets placed conveniently along the way .
The pandas , beers in paws , found a spot for an un-announced block-party on an unknown--our source was a little under the influence of too much of that free beer and did not remember any street names--brooklyn street . The pandas listened to their pirate FM , drank , danced and partied for , we were told , an hour . Of course all good things come to and end and its usually the same folks that end them .
A bright light accompanied by a whop-whop-whop sound appeared in the sky directly above the pandas as a wall of cops marched down the street . The pandas dispersed disappearing into the dark Brooklyn night .

bunch of douchebags -- decline of western civilization, indeed.
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