Friday, August 01, 2008


On a Hot Afternoon Things Heat-up in Tompkins Square Park ...

As members of one leisured class luxuriated , bathing themselves in the intense August sun and a video production company worked away above them on Hippy Hill , members of another leisured class were occupied with a nose-to-nose confrontation with the 9th precinct at the basketball court .
This afternoon a noticeably larger than usual Parks Enforcement Police detail was in TSP . At some point some of the PEP personnel confronted some of the Crusties and apparently felt threatened . They called for help from NYPD .
9th precinct personnel arrived on scene and arrested at least one person . We do not know at this time what the arrest charges were .
As we were leaving the basketball court we heard a voice and as we looked in it's direction a young man with a clenched fist raised in the air cried out " the Aug 2nd and 3rd riot anniversary began this afternoon " .

"Hippy Hill"? I thought it was called Hepatitis Hill :)
Well , originally this mound of dirt left over from the construction of the now long gone bandshell was known as Hoving Hill after the parks commissioner at that time . It became Hippy Hill, then later , to some ,it was known as Yuppie Hill and in very recent times , well ; you can call it what you want ....people do occasionaly sit there and shoot dope .
And all this time I've been telling the kidz it was a Native American burial mound, probably a shell mound. Dang.

Interesting. It wasn't there when the bandshell was there? I seem to remember some form of lump in that area when the bandshell was still around.
Hoving Hill was the dirt that was excavated when the footings for the bandshell were dug . rather than haul this dirt away they used it to create Hoving Hill or whatever you want to call it .
damn, they got shadow, five cops for one dude. some people with power need to learn how to use that power PROPERLY.
D-Supreme "Out of Control" yes we were there! "May Day" bash in the park We were the first band to spark up the show. resist to exist! NYPD were FOUL! but they could'nt keep us down. Squatters still ruled LES and the park. good ol'days!
ugh the parks police are my first choice for lay offs when the big nasty city budgetary cuts revisit
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