Saturday, August 30, 2008


Instant Access : The Internet Comes to Nino's Pizza at Avenue A and St. Marks Place ...

Now at Nino's on Saturday night after having had half-a-dozen "boiler makers" at Lucy's , when you really need a couple of slices and want to eat them looking out a window while watching all the other drunks pass-by it will be much more complicated . Now you will have to share that counter-space with a computer terminal . You'll have to be careful about where you sit , where you place your hot greasy slices and what you touch so as not to stain or gum-up that key-board ... as well as be sure not to sneeze or spit a gob of something organic on that monitor .

I pity the poor soul who has to clean out those mozzarella and pepperoni littered keyboards!
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