Tuesday, August 05, 2008


In Attendance Sunday in TSP : Some of the Folks that Helped Bring You the Tompkins Square Park Protests and Riots of the Late '80s and Early '90s ...

Karl the Trotskyist lives in the neighborhood and today owns his own squatter apartment .

Richie the Anarchist . He was there in 1988 at the big riot and can still be found today wherever there is a protest .

John the Communist no longer lives in the city but mamaged to return to celebrate the riots of yore .

i've been really appreciating these posts as i've had to be out of town all week and sadly, missed all of the events. (and in august of 1988, I still lived in salt lake city and had never traveled of east of utah). these posts make me feel a little bit like i was there last sunday.
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