Tuesday, August 05, 2008


The Flag-Burning on Sunday in Tompkins Square Park ...

We couldn't support an ammendment to the constitution to make flag-burning unconstitutional but we would likely never burn a flag either . With this in mind we present these images from Sunday's 20th anniversary riot concert.
The flag entered the concert area on a cardboard tube attatched to the tube up-side-down , the symbol for distress . The flag was grabbed at , torn and finally after many incompetent attempts with cigarette lighters lighted , burning as polyester does , as flaming liquid gobs of plastic falling to the ground .

I see this and I think along the lines of, those punks have no idea what we have here in America. And I hate what they're doing. But, I will support their right to do it, b/c if they were in a country where this wasn't allowed, they wouldn't be doing this. And that's so much worse.
I feel bad for the kid in the second pic. A lazy eye, angry at his country's flag and he can't even light it effectively :(
technically you cant do that in america... hey u can see me in those pics, me and my sex pistols shirt :P
these people aren't educated enough to know what they are doing. congratulations at posting images of common mass hysteria, the beast of youth masses following myopic whims. i decree an epic fail on your part. good day.
I was there that day, now you can't neccesarily call us "uneducated" or say "those punks have no idea what we have here in America".
because we are, and we do.
We have our beliefs and our ideals and goals, while you have yours.
leave it at that.
when the gov't does the right thing and stops fucking over people here and overseas, perhaps flags won't be burned
You who complain about burning the amerikkkan flag are of the ilk that celebrates holidays by consuming, polluting, and watching a football game as you claim to be more patriotic than those who actually use their freedom of expression in this country.

You make me sick.
all i have to say is as much as fucked up as this country is, burning the flag is disgusting and you douchebags should be exiled.
Is that guy actually opening his mouth under the burning flag with the molten polyester dripping down?
Yes , you got it right . And they were molten gobs with flames .
Yes , you got it right . And they were molten gobs with flames .
I dont big deal is.
We owned the flag we can burn it if we want.
By the way it was a crappy chinese made flag with a double stripe.
So technically it wasnt the flag.
But the kids there were right we should burn pigs instead.
-229 Brigade
i know that we have freeom of speech and expresion, but if you guys don't like America go to a better place, you guys will be happy there!
i know that you guys are Punk but the piont of burn the America Flag is going to do something!
just take a minute if you guys were in Cuba you would do the samething.......be mature!
or be better!
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