Monday, August 04, 2008


Donut Social at the 9th Precint , Sept. 5 at 8 P.M. ...

We have been told that there will be a protest , a donut social that is , in front of the 9th precinct headquarters on Friday September 5, 2008 at 8pm.
We were told that the protest issues concerned recent instances of police brutality , the cty mandated support and protection of real estate interests at the expense of the people and their neighborhoods , the State of NY mandated police support during evictions by developers and the protest of the $1500 fine for running a few minutes past the sound permit at the Sunday concert in TSP that the protest organizers see as an act of harrassment by NYPD .
There is some real anger over this fine of $1500 .
P.S. 5 Aug.2008 , 1259 hrs : A correction concerning the reason for the $1500 ticket . The ticket was issued for sound levels that were above the permits stated allowable levels . The amplified sound did end at the the time noted on the permit .

Hi - I was helping running things on Sunday. I didn't hear about this protest, however : I was the one informed about the $1500 ticket. As far as I know it has to do with sound issues, not running over time. It can be fought either way - but, just for the record, all amplified sound was CUT at exactly 6pm (amplified sound allowed between 2pm & 6pm). Then the Hungry March Band continued to play onstage acoustically.
We first were told that the ticket was for being too loud but later we were told that the ticket was for playing amplified sound after the permit limit of 6pm .
We were in the pit in front of the band when Leftover Crack ended their set . we noted at the time that they were by our clock a bit over the limit ,perhaps 2 or 3 minutes . for this reason we believed John Penley when he told us that the ticket was for playing beyond 6 pm .

We will look into this and attempt to find why the concert organizers were ticketed .
hey. looks like my last post did not go through. I just went to the precinct and they said the ticket is for the sound being too loud NOT due to running over time. They know we pulled the plug on the electric (vox & amps) at 6pm. The set finished a few minutes later - but that was the marching band, the drummer & crowd singing.

Also, to add : the officer that deals w/ Community Affairs said that they are deciding today if they are going to go through with this violation or not. He also brought up the (crowd's) flag and money burning. So that should all be decided today.
So we stand corrected ; what we were told about the ticket was not correct .
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