Thursday, August 07, 2008


Concerning the Sunday Concert Sound Ticket and More ...

We have spoken with individuals that were present when the concert sound level was measured by NYPD personnel . They have told us that there was some discord with NYPD at the time that the measurements were made but that no ticket was issued . Though the device used to read the sound level indicated readings that NYPD claimed were to high the police did not issue a ticket but told the responsible persons at the concert that a summons would be mailed to them . This seems to us something new ; usually tickets are issued at the site of the violation to the responsible persons . Some believe that there will be no ticket mailed and that the incident was just harrasment . We will just have to wait to see how this comes out .
On another note we have been informed by the organizers of the "Donut Social" at the 9th precinct headquarters on Sept 5 , 2008 at 8 pm that there will also be a march after the protest .The march will proceed first to the Economakis residence at 47 E. 3rd Street for a breif protest and then to the Christodora for a protest there .
We also have been told that the organizers are applying for a sound permit and if possible will have "Leftover Crack " perform live at the protest .


-Homer Simpson
enough with the Christadora already.
Interesting info on the violation and the bias of the cops.

Apparently, you only get issued a sound violation if the cops don't like your music.
off topic--anyone heard from Jewels or Amy??
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