Wednesday, August 06, 2008


At the Christodora , But Not David Peel's Birthday Party ...

As David Peel's birthday party continued in Tompkins Square Park a group of protestors that had attended David's party earlier gathered in front of the gentrification icon the Christodora .
Mr. Peel's party had left this location more than 2 hours earlier to return to the comfort of the large crowd still in the central part of TSP because it was a much better place for the party .
The protestors above at the Christodora spoke out and sang to the accompaniement of a guitar .The police requested that they take the speaking and music to the other side of avenue B .
One resident came down from the building and started arguing with the protestors ,Richie in particular . In frustaion the resident flicked a cigarette in Richie's face . Richie lunged toward the Christodora resident and was grabbed and restrained by the police . The Christodora resident was also detained as a police officer asked Richie if he wanted to press charges . Richie clearly had the option to press charges but he declined to do so . The Christodora resident was escorted into the building by police officers .
After perhaps an hour at the Christodora the protestors returned to David Peel's birthday party which party continued for some time into the late nigh in TSP .

I had just arrived home, with my 4 year old sleeping daughter. I did not come come down to argue with anybody. As I was finishing my cigarette, Richie, who was giving the young punkers a history lesson on the Christodora, pointed at me and called me an "ASSHOLE". At that, I walked over to Richie and said " I'm an asshole?" To which he yelled "YEAH, YOUR AN ASSHOLE". I then told Richie that I've been living in this community for almost 30 years,and he gave me a bunch of shit, IN MY FACE. I then said, " I have a sick kid upstairs, and I can't really deal with this" to which Richie then yelled," Oh, YOU have a sick kid? There's MILLIONS OF SICK KIDS, what, your sick kid is more important than all the other ones. I don't care about your sick kid...." I then stepped back and flicked my cigarette at him...

That's what happened!
Was at the tail end of the TSP celebration on Sunday...BTW the "fancy manse evictor's" cousin Evel (of 47 East 3rd St. fame) has just responded to the Observer article last week and gives his email address.
why are you outside smoking a cigarette when you have a sick kid upstairs? Why do you bring up your sick kid in conversations that have nothing to do with your sick kid? Why are you out assaulting people with lit cigarettes if you have a sick kid upstairs? You don't seem very intelligent.
also, your glasses are dumb looking. And you're like 60, why do you dress like a B-Boy?
Folks reading your great blog ought not be misled into believing that "Richie" (as well as commie Karl) is a part of the political
activist scene here in any way, or of any of the events taking place in the park. He is part of the "lunatic fringe" that hangs out on the sidelines, looking for an opportunity to jump in whenever someone else is doing something, whether it be a concert, a speak-out, or a demo. He makes insane statements to bystanders and cops (he called them "child
molesters" at the Christofora demo in June) and this reflects negatively on the activist community when folks believe that he is part of the group holding
the demo, concert or rally.

Richie is a professional DIS-organizer, trashing people and subverting their efforts when they want nothing to do with him and his madness -- and that includes us. (When he's not doing his thing in the area of Tompkins Square, he can be seen doing so in Union Square, though he lives with his mother in Brooklyn.)

BTW, if he spoke disparagingly of MY daughter as he did to the guy at the Christodora, he wouldn't have gotten away with just a cigarette flicked at his ugly mug!
That guy who calls himself Ritchie looks like Krusty the Clown on crack..
whatever. New York is fucking gay.
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