Saturday, August 23, 2008


Another Curiosity Below Houston Street : Serge Hoyda's 180 Ludlow Street and the Ludlow ...

As developer Serge Hoyda's 180 Ludlow street is poured skyward it is covering up the fenestration in the south wall of the large rental ,The Ludlow , next door. A good many windows have already been covered up by this new building . Click on the image and take a look at the area above the building under construction .
Now we know from working with the building code over the years that one can not place windows or other openings such as vents for HVAC ( heating ,ventilating and air conditioning equipment ) in a wall that is on a lot line unless you own the air rights to that space next door .
Why is it then that we see this situation pictured above : the Ludlow owner built windows into the south wall of their building even though the wall was on a lot line . This loss of fenestration has to have created difficulties with the interior program of the Ludlow .Its curious that this all got past DOB inspections .

"Its curious that this all got past DOB inspections"

you mean this ironically, right?
Can someone please report this to DOB?

At least go through the motions and report it.

It seems it takes a lot dead people to get any action but at least report it.
I had to look this up:

The word fenestration finds its root in the Latin word for window, fenestra.
Products that fill openings in a building envelope, such as windows, doors, skylights, curtain walls, etc., designed to permit the passage of air, light, vehicles, or people
What's the problem? It seems to me like no AC or ventilation will be blocked - the new building only covers the side face of those window casings - the AC is on the other side.

What's interesting though is that if you view The Ludlow from, say, the Avenue A/Houston St intersection, you don't see the L-shape of the building and so it looks as though the new construction is pressed right up against the full windows that face south, the ones to the right of the photograph. I pass by there every day and had thought damn, those people must be pissed, until I saw your photograph.
The fact is very simple : a great many windows have been covered-up by 180 Ludlow street .Nothing at all to do here with any HVAC but pprobably windows that were in a stairwell or bathrooms or whatever were simply covered . That has some sort of effect on the interior progam of the Ludlow .. theyshould not have been in that face of the Ludlow building at all ; the DOB should have stoped the Ludlow from placing windows on the south face of the building . Even the corner windows are a violation .No body downtown is looking at what is being built .This isn't a big issue but it is a basic issue ;once-upon-a-time this sort of thing would never have happened .
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