Wednesday, July 30, 2008


There's More to Tompkins Square Park Than the Over-Budget Dog Run ...

This ancient , distressed structure is a basketball goal in Tompkins Square Park . This pipe and sheetmetal construction was never ever up to the task of standing up to the abuse of use in TSP . Theses goals have always been a problem , always breaking down ...all of them on this court just a hundred yards or so from the new dog run .
Why is it that the city will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars , sparing no expense , to create a state of the art luxury lot for dogs to shit in and play in sniffing other dogs asses and spend little of nothing to maintain this heavily used neighborhood basket ball court and its equipment .

You know why: Because the people who use the dog run have just bought very expensive condo's in the newly gentrified LES. The people who use the basket ball courts generally haven't. So it goes:-(
I think that's about right. So it goes.

Question: I haven't seen nearly as much basketball action this year as in the last couple years. Does everyone go to some other court? Where? What happened to the chick leagues, the roller blades league, and the, apparently, ex-con league? The courts used to be full all of the time. Does everyone hate basketball since the Knicks suck?
equipment in the children's playground also goes unrepaired for long stretches . . . .
prestone and hot dogs ought to solve that problem.
the patrons of the dog run worked hard to raise more than half the money to pay for the renovations. if you don't like the neighborhood or believe that it should be turned over to the self-destructive heroin addicts that lay on the benches and harrass passerby, then maybe you should move the fuck out. this web site is infuriating on many levels. Get a fucking job.
No we do not believe that this neighborhood should be turned over to the derelict population that you refer to here . But it wasn't you or dog run owners and a very expensive dog run that saved this neighborhood from this derelict population . You do not save us from all that today either . This temporary state of bliss we all enjoy was made possible by NYPD way back before most gentrification had occured .

We are simply pointing to the obvious fact that those who have, get a lot more service from this city than those who don't have .There are a great many worthy souls in this town that don't have much that deserve equitable service from this city too.
These people treat their pets like their children and people like shit--overexcess to the max!
very well put, Bob!
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