Thursday, July 31, 2008


More on the Saga of the Wandering Crusties ...

Crusty Row is empty . But for one passed-out inndivual 2 nights ago the infamous seating arrangement in Tompkins Square Park was uninhabited .
There were numerous arrests last week on the row , most were for heroin possession ...a few for possession and consumption of beer in a public park . Things on the row probably probably just became to uncomfortable as the cops daily turned -up the heat by making more and more arrests .
According to park supervisor Harry Greenburg numerous dirty needles were found strewn about the seating on Crusty Row every day .
So from a time of diaspora to a renaissance this spring on Crusty Row to being dispersed again and returned to the outer darkness , at least for some , of the little shrub enclosed enclave next to the basketball court . So it goes , this Crusty Saga .

Thank God--they were awful--
Seriously. What's with all this misplaced affection for a bunch of criminal junkies?
Where is there any hint affection displayed in any of the posts related to this you illiterate fucking dip-shit moron.
Well, theoretically, I don't have a problem with junkies. However, the kids who show up in the park every summer are a problem and since a disturbing number of them are junkies, well, I have a problem with junkies.

Twice this summer I've been threatened by a group of clearly strung out summer park dwellers. One of those encounters was scary enough to make me alter my walking routes and generally keep my eyes open for the kids involved. In short, they tried to mug me but bailed when other people showed up on the street. It was not pleasant. I've seen the kids breaking into St. Brigid's, pouring all of the trash out of the 7th St. trash cans, and twice I've seen them breaking car windows. Every morning, I see dozens of needles on the ground between the 8th St. entrance and the Ave. A and 7th St. entrance. Oh, and last summer, one of kids ODed in front of my stoop and I probably saved his life by calling 911 for an ambulance and insisting they deal with guy immediately and so on. He wasn't breathing when the EMTs showed up but he, apparently, made it. It was a fucking horrible way to spend a Saturday afternoon all around.

I've had enough of the summer junkie kids. They aren't cute. They are a hazard. They deserve more attention from the cops and local business owners and residents. Hell, I'm all in favor of the encouraging the responsible junkies in the park to help drive out the summer kidz.
they are baaaack
i think they've just dispersed throughout the neighborhood. there was a couple sleeping in the stairs of a vet office on 5th st this morning over by 3rd ave.
They were back on Crusty Row tonight .
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