Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Metal Jam ...

The poster above advertises--appropriating an incorrectly dated historical event to its end--a traditional Tompkins Square Park "Metal Jam " . The jam will occur after the expiration of the amplified sound permits for this weekends two concerts in Tompkins Square Park . Hiroshima of course occured in 1945 : the second world war was well over for 2 years in August of 1947 .
In the Tompkins Square Park of yore , after a concert was closed down by the cops a group of persistant locals dedicated to evenings of unending sound would bang , clank and drum on old car doors , gas tanks , fenders , sheets of metal , metal garbage cans , empty dry-wall compound buckets , etc. creating a maddening rythmic droan long into the darkness of the night . Often the neighborhood was plundered for its lose wood and this festival of banging on things all occured at fireside with a burning barrel-fire or even a simple open roaring and crackling conflagration lighting and warming the primitive TSP percussive celebration . In these ancient days the cops allowed this to go on for hours without disturbance ....usually it all just went away ;the flames lowered and the sounds faded to silence in the darkness .
The organizers of this weekend's two days of concerts in remembrance of the 20th anniversary of the 1988 Tompkins Square Park riot have permits that will expire at 7pm . The amplified sound permits will expire even earlier . Those who will attempt this metal jamb will do so after the sound permits expire . Will the cops allow such an event to happen in today's TSP ? Show-up and see for yourself .

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