Saturday, July 26, 2008


"Fly High ; Hit Hard" : A Familiar Image Around the Tompkins Square Park of Yore

Bob, what's the history of the "Fly High Hit Hard" art?
The image was all over the place for several years during the ancient times of protest and riots in TSP .
Its what you say to a bottle before
you throw it. Although calling that
little doodle art is a stretch
even in an asthetically challenged
place. like New York. Our Art schools by the way are ranked far lower than one would expect. Though give what the city has produced in the last century it should startle no -one. THe best
art in New york comes from people educated elsewhere or not at all. getting back to the photo. Unremarkable the slogan works better for toilet paper.
you dirty some of a B!
clearly you have not adopted
a religon of any sort and are
a loose cannon!
Except that that little doodle managed to make it around the world and became a regularly recognized symbol of protest . .
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