Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The Demise of a Protest Placard ...

Monday night we found this foam-core protest placard glued to the infamous phone booth of drug lore of yore at the corner of 7th street and Avenue A . We compared this image to photos of placards displayed at the Friday night protest and it is clearly one of the placards displayed at the protest at the Economakis residence at 47 E. 3rd street .
Later in the evening someone ripped the placard from the phone booth and left it on the sidewalk .
The young man cleaning -up the sidewalk outside Yuca Bar was from Mexico City . He asked us what Yuppies were . We tried to explain ; he answered "oh , juniors" . We don't know whether this is an equivalent of yuppie .
As we were walking home much later we saw a young woman carrying the placard with its obverse displayed in our direction .

love the girl with "you could be next"--she's an inadvertent Doomsday sign-carrier.
Jeremiah ,I asked her to show me the other side, Die Yuppie Scum , but not understanding my purpose , I think I frightened her , she walked away at a faster pace
The Mexican slang for yuppie is "fresa", which literally means strawberry.
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