Thursday, July 17, 2008


Cupid is Wrought ... No. 2

This image was produced at the location of the production assistant . The tent and wall of equipment can be seen in the distance and to the right .

Ray , 75 , works in his candy store at 113 avenue A , 12 hours a day , 7 days a week .He has done so for many years . Thanks to the always rising rent , utilities and the New York City imposed fines for this and that from this and that city agency he is barely making it . His credit cards have kept him afloat for the last couple of years but that accumulating debt is now near to overwhelming him with considerable minimum payments .
A couple of weeks ago Ray was robbed of $400 by some young men ; a $400 that he could not afford to lose .
Today a company producing a television pilot titled " Cupid " Blocked off his store with their equipment and activities causing him to lose a good bit of business . On the uptown side of him was a large tent , on the street side was a wall of equipment and to the downtown side a production assistant stood blocking sidewalk traffic . Of course the PA claims that she always allowed people to pass to Ray's . We watched and many just never attempted to walk towards Rays ; without hesitating they walked around the obviously conjested area before ever encountering the PA .
For a few minutes a few neighborhood folks made a lot of noise protesting the production company for not compensating Ray for the loss of business that they had caused him .
There was not ,to our knowledgew at least , any effort made to compensate Ray even though higher level PAs attended to the protestors promising that they would certainly look into the matter .
Almost certainly there will be no compensation simply because there is no threatened punishment for not doing so .
This is all a piece of the previous post : the big media plutocrats that own this company --this production company has considerable wealth at it's finger tips--and their minion do and take what they want and the ordinary working folks pay for it in ways that they can hardly afford . More and more the common course of things in this town today .

if he wants to get some cash for it... he should have them seek out the location manager. they spend most of their time bribing people to keep them quiet and not disturb the production.
Ray should get paid---
i rode by this on my bike today. i just assumed that ray would get paid for the inconvenience. had i known that this was an issue, i would have said something.

i should go by there tomorrow.
I would have said something too--
Ray is a great guy who should not be taken advantage of--
That's outrageous and the PA is full of it. I was told to walk around just as I crossed the street in front of the former Leshko's--no one was able to get to Ray's.
nothing some motor oil can't solve, let's see them do their job without slipping. not in front of Ray's of course.
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