Monday, July 21, 2008


Concerts in Tompkins Square Park : A Reminder and Celebrity Birthday Party Up-Date ...and Free Pizza Too...

This coming Sunday , 27 July , the first of 3 major summer concerts will fill the park with some traditional TSP music and action from the groups listed above .
Not only is Aug . 3rd the last of the 2 TSP riot 20th anniversary concerts it is also the birthday of Yippie elder and songwriter ("Die Yuppie Scum"etc. ) David Peel . To celebrate David's birthday there will be an after concert birthday party across the street from TSP on avenue B in front of the 1988 TSP riot icon of community crippling development and gentrification , the Christodora . Everyone is invited to attend this grand birthday celebration ; bring whatever and have a really good time .
P.S. 22 July 2008 ; 2023hrs :
We have been informed that Chris Sileo owner of the Bowery Wine Co. , will provide free pizza for those who attend the after-concert birthday party 3 Aug. 2008 out front of the Christodora on avenue B .

Thanks for the heads up!
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