Wednesday, July 23, 2008


22 July , 2008 : A New Dog Run Opens for Business in Tompkins Square Park

does anyone really give a poop--really--these people treat their pets as children and are thoughtless about the rest-
A lot of money and time was spent on the dogrun. What about the children's playground? How about getting rid of the rats that come out every evening - around the children's playground.

I live animals, but I love babies even more.

Will the dog owners now properly clean up after their dogs - they didn't befoe and that is why the dogrun neede to be redone.

More loud barking and more dog related arguments between owners.
yeah, we all care. the "curb your dog" fines really need to be enforced.
I love dogs but hate these dog owners. nothing some zerex and a hot dog can't solve.
Bob, the Observer seems to agree with you.

who's the jackass who wants to poison dogs with antifreeze? oh, we don't know because he's too cowardly to leave his name.
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