Sunday, June 29, 2008


Pictures With Jay : A Mission to Tompkins Square Park from Indiana ...

We regularly run pictures of folks with Jay . Jay stops us and asks us to photograph him with so-and-so ... and we do ; it is now a regular feature at NMNL .
Friday afternoon Jay sitting with TSP associates Chas. (left) and "Choice" asked us to photograph some folks new to us . Heather (left) , Austin and Julie are indeed new to us and the nieghborhood ; they are from Lebanon Indiana . They are missionaries from their church back in Indiana and are working with a neighborhood church while they are here . They will be in the neighborhood for not quite 2 weeks and are staying at the local church with which their mission is affiliated .
For the last few days they have been in TSP offering material and spiritual assistance to anyone in need and there are certainly many in this park in need of both . A bold undertaking coming from such a far away and different place as Indiana . All-in-all they seemed to be quite at ease in the midst of such a notorius location as the chess table area and its denizens . They noted that they had been to TSP before on missionary work but still must be something of a challenge ; even many of the locals avoid the area .

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