Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Of Lime Rickys and Snitches ...

On her 2nd day of on-the-job training at Ray's Candy Store Amy learns to make a lime ricky . Amy is training to become one of Ray's part-time employees at his famous Candy Store at 113 avenue A while she is attending college . Amy is learning to prepare all the things that Ray sells ... Belgian Fries included .

Meanwhile her mate , L.E.S. Jewels , is getting a minor "tune-up" just a few feet away outside the candy store in the infamous phone booth at the corner of 7th street and avenue A . Some one is smacking him around , convinced that Jewels has at some time or times in the past snitched on him and some of his friends who are doing time up-state . Such a claim of culpability here for Jewels must of course be felt to be true at least subjectively by the punisher . But to be fair here , perhaps such a claim of truth may not be so objectively . We do not know .

It has been rumored for some time in the neighborhood that Jewels had a "special relationship" with the cops , i.e. , he was a snitch . Indeed it was believed by many that this is what kept him out of jail inspite of all his wild episodes of malfeasance . True ? Who knows , we certainly don't know . If it is , he is certainly a slow learner and he again demonstrates that for him learning to do the right thing is a lengthy and painful activity .

The three best things N.Y.C. ever
produced for the world:

1. Howard Stern

2. Dog Excrement

3. Snotty, condescending
jewish "women"
what about condescending jewish men??
Jewels is no snitch. That's ridiculous. Then again, he's not a Lower East Side guy, either. He's a New Brunswick kid.
Most information acquired at Thompkins Sq. is severely convoluted and hyperbolized at best. The posting of a snitch jacket on someone is an action that should only be based on documented evidence.Even behind the walls, such a proclamation will only be made if info is irrefutably substantiated due to the impending consequences.Folks seem too quick to accept rumor as fact. Ever play the telephone game where a statement starts at one end, and becomes something much different at the end? Sometimes the break in communication can be the result of one person fucking things up. Add alcohol to this gsme and the results are magnified exponentially.For Jewels and anyone else's sake, leave these conversations to those with empirical knowledge.
Respectfully, G
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