Saturday, June 14, 2008


Economic Cooperation : Poolin' Their Resources to Buy Some Beer Friday Night ..

Marlene turns to Jewels to inquire if he desires to participate in the beer purchase pool . Of course he refuses , now that he is sober . He's drinkin' "Arizona Iced Tea" this Friday night .

On their own now , Marlene and "Coney Island Mike" gather together their evening's "spanged" bounty with which they will purchase their favorite alcoholic beverages .

Their shared wealth in-hand , its off to the bodega with them .

They return , unopend containers of their favorite alcoholic beverage in-hand . For Mike its hard lemonade and for Marlene its her favorite malt liquor ,Colt 45 .

Looks like it was a fun night.
I like the big eyes on the woman at far left background of the 4th pic down from the top (where they're looking through the cup). I swear I must've just missed you because I walked by all these people in this exact location around 1:30 this morning.
yes , she was for some reason watching us all do our things on the sidewalk .Her eyes key the pictue by adding another story to the one going on out front .
Wow, I can't believe Jules is really sticking to tea. This is a little off the subject, but I saw he was on the program at the Lower East Side festival last month. I did not get to see whether or not he actually made it there.
Yes he recited a poem there .

He will be reciting at some other events also but I do not have info now .

He was quoted , his poem a few linws , in the sunday times story which is linked to the protest post .

As to the tea well we'll see . For now things are sort of ok but certainly not perfect and of course no guarantees .
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