Monday, May 05, 2008


"Sesame Street" and the Padlocked Main Gate ...

He tried for 20 minutes or so to leave the park by climbing over the padlocked gate . The inexplicably padlocked gate thoroughly befuddled him ; leaving him alternatively lost in long periods of contemplation of his challenge and periods spent resting , overcome by failure in each and every attempt to climb over the gate to freedom . How could it be locked in the middle of the afternoon and how was he to leave the park this afternoon .

Thoroughly soused as always , every attempt to climb over the gate failed , usually at the first lifting of a leg then tottering ; just not enough strength and co-ordination to get up and over the hurdle . Never mind that none of this worried effort was necessary ; the other park gates were of course open .

Friday afternoon the main gate to Tompkins Square Park at the corner of 7th St. and avenue A was inexplicably locked . Though mostly sober , most passers-by were as puzzled as "Cochise" by the padlocked gate . We were told by some that the gate had been closed by NYPD because a film crew was shooting a movie version of "Sesame Street" in the park . Some had further elaborated that an exhibitionist had been exposing himself in the park and that the gate was closed to keep young children out of the park . Specifically the food tent for the movie crew had been flashed in an effort to extort some free food .

Later , at least part of the mystery revealed itself when we saw L.E.S. Jewels in his spring debut "mooning" and "flashing" traffic on avenue A .

I wake up on a monday and SEE THIS????
This is some kind of omen.
I am not playing the lottery this week.
I am staying indoors and I won't even do
any shopping...................

But then again WHAT'S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT??
All mammals have a "mating ritual".
This is LES' mating ritual.
He does'nt know he's doing anything wrong.
Kind of like when your favorite pet
cat drags something dead into the house.
What he's doing is probably considered
"acceptable" in some social circles.
Hell, Andy Warhol did some pretty strange things that were considered
"chic" and he got real famous...

Every time LES moons like that all flowers within a 300ft radius die immediately.
Make sure you clean that
camera lens REAL GOOD.
Christ, i'd buy another camera
after that one.......
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