Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Saint Brigid's R.C. Church Has Been Saved ....

Ed Torres , above , announces to the public Wednesday afternoon that St. Brigids church has been saved from the wrecking ball . The church will be returned to its original condition thanks to an anonymous donor and will be used as a parish church .
The Archdiocese of New York will receive a $20,000,000 donation , $10,000,000 of which will be used to restore St. Brigids to its original condition so that the church can continue into the future as a parish church . An amount of $8,000,000 will be allocated to supporting the school and $2,000,000 will be be used to establish an endowment for the church .
City Council speaker Christine Quinn , Burough President Scott Stringer , Council person Rosie Mendez and the many members of the Committee to Save Saint Brigids were also present at the press conference at the corner of East 8th St. and Avenue B this afternoon .

It is a very good day in the EV--now we have a place to pray once again.
holy catholic church! excellent.
Hardly anything gets saved in the neighborhood anymore, it seems. I guess millions will always do it.

This is neither here nor there, but I think I saw you on Avenue A yesterday afternoon talking to Jim Powers. It was a thrill for me--seeing the two of you together (I am still a star struck Utahan), but I wasn't sure it was you, so I was too shy to say anything.
Look though I've been in this neighborhood 36 years I'm originally from a farm in Indiana . Out there folks is just folks . There is no reason to be shy . Say hello sometime .

Yes Jim and I were on Avenue A talking . It seems his life just wont uncomplicate .More complications brewing for him I suspect .
So St. Brigid's church has been "saved". Wonderful. By the way, I don't think one really needs to be inside a church to pray. If there really were a god, it would hear your prayer even if you were sitting on the toilet when it was uttered.
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