Monday, May 05, 2008


An Incautious Remark Leads to a Slashing in Tompkins Square Park ...

A simple chain-link fence and some shrubbery separates the basketball courts from a small area enclosed by bushes , rows of seats and trees .This area sits quite isolated from most of Tompkins Square Park . Sunday afternoon in this little enclave a man's face was slashed with what was described by witnesses as a box cutter .
This small piece of TSP where the slashing occurred has since late last summer been claimed and occupied by groups of people that for several years previously had occupied the rows of seating known as "Crusty Row" . "Crusty Row " was located in a more central portion of TSP next to the current dog run.
Early Sunday evening at around 6:15 a black male in his 20s , after an argument , slashed a white male's face in Tompkins Square Park . The victim was also in his 20s . The victim appeared to be not too seriously injured. He was removed to a hospital for treatment .
According to witnesses a remark was made concerning a missed shot on the basketball court by someone in the area adjacent to the basketball court . This remark angered a young man who was on the basketball court and who was to later to slash the victim . The young man left the basketball court and confronted the group of young people sitting in the seating area adjacent to the court . There was a brief altercation , then the young man pulled out his box-cutter and slashed away , slashing his victim's face . The angry slasher then fled through the park to the south .

I was walking to the park yesterday when this happened but didn't realize it was just over a dumb remark.
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