Friday, April 25, 2008


"To Serve Man" : NYU plans 2031 ...

When it comes to monsters that are positively dangerous for New Yorkers and their neighborhoods , New York University , this corporate Behemoth that chews neighborhoods as the ox chews grass , might fairly be ranked right up there with the likes of Godzilla and Cloverfield .
Godzilla breathes fire and has a predilection for power lines . Cloverfield is very tall with one-hell-of-a reach -- he can grab your chopper right out of the sky -- and he sheds hog-sized "lice" that eat people . Godzilla and Cloverfield seem to enjoy knocking down buildings and destroying whole neighborhoods .... and so it seems , as most downtown New Yorkers already know , does NYU . Godzilla's and Cloverfeild's actions are mostly transparent but NYU , at a recent open-house for instance , .... (vide , to the stroking of whiskers) hmmmmm ?
We visited an NYU open-house last week to look at corporate plans for the future 25 years from now , 2031 . Statements and graphics could be seen all around the ground floor presentation area ... with a little food and wine too . Plenty of NYU staff were well-placed around the display area to explain to anyone that would listen the benefits to downtown New York City of NYU and its plan for 2031 ; a plan that might not be just exactly what it's authors want the public to believe it is . This maddeningly over-determined and ultimately obfuscating presentation brought to mind an ancient "Twilight Zone " episode .
As we recollect the tale , a very tall and persuasive alien in a full-length robe visits Earth and with a large book in hand titled "To Serve Man" invites Earthlings to come to his planet and be served . Trusting in the alien and the truth and good faith of his offer , folks jump at the chance to travel to another world and be served . Believing that something can be had for nothing the earthlings flock to the alien's space-ship for a trip to a better world .
In the last scene of the episode , people are seen climbing the ramp to the ship , some standing in the entrance portal waving back at freinds and families . All the while during this bon voyage affair at the ramp , the tall , cloaked and successfully persuasive alien is seen standing motionless to the side of the ramp with his large tome , "To Serve Man ", in hand . With the ship full of happy fools and the door beginning to close , someone at a distance from the ship frantically cries " we've just translated the book ; "To Serve Man" is a cook book " .

Good stuff, Bob.

Here's a link to the "To Serve Man" Twilight Zone...
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