Monday, April 14, 2008


Late 1990s : The "Hippy" ...

For visually obvious reasons Joe was known by many on avenue A and in Tompkins Square Park as the "Hippy". For some reason unknown to us , still others knew him as "Sparrow" . Joe was a regular figure in the neighborhood for several years . He disappeared 6 or 7 or so years ago . We haven't seen hide-nor-hair of him since .
As his sinsemia-sack frock above suggests , Joe liked his weed .One of Joe's favorite money raising routines included a small hand written sign placed before him on the street which read "Money Needed for Pot Research " . Folks responded and contributed to Joe's personal pot testing program .
Today on the radio news we heard a story about another pot research project . A major university will begin conducting a long term pot research program with paid pot-smokers for test subjects . The program's purpose is to determine the long term effects on humans of smoking pot . The researchers will of course also require a control group which will also be paid for the term of the research project .... they will be paid to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol .

i need to know which study that is, i wanna get paid to smoke.
Any study needs to take into consideration those super thin screens that burn up when the embers get hot, many smokers are breathing in vaporized metal - can't be healthy, so long as this Inquisition continues...
My One and Only Love!!!!

Thine is Mine

RIP PaPa Joe

I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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