Friday, March 28, 2008


What's Lookin' at You ? : Protest against Electric Eyes in Tompkins Square Park , April 3rd at 3:00PM on the Steps of City Hall ....

They are all over the place watching you . Electric eyes watching what you do in the streets , in the bars , in the stores and in some of our city parks . New York City is now considering installing more of them in more of our city parks . Some even suspect that electric eyes will soon be installed in TSP . They fear that these electric eyes will be connected ultimately to a new FBI supercomputer and that in the name of "Homeland Security " , you and your friends will be watched day-in-day-out as a national security priority .
On April 3rd at 3:00 pm on the steps of city hall , some of Tompkins Square Park's elders , a hand-full of anarchists and some of the venerable Yippie elite will gather to conduct an hour long protest with music to protest the possible future installation of electric eyes in TSP.
Join the fray ! The straight-laced and the fringe can join together on the afternoon of April 3rd to manifest as much of a robust protest against government watching us as can happen in an hour .

Well I'm just waiting for the watchers to be outsourced to India

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