Sunday, March 02, 2008


Then and Now : Ray's Candy Store , 113 Avenue A ...

Then : 1995 during the easy living and easy drinking warmer season .

Unlike today , fashion didn't have much to do with anything ; all that really mattered was the beer in your hand and where the next one was coming from . A man could drink and drink and then pass-out just about anywhere ...especially if there was some cardboard at hand with which to make a bed .

Now : 00:28 hrs , 2 March 2008 .
Again it seems that it is still true here as we noted in a previous " Then and Now "post that in this fashion hyper-conscious downtown scene the accessory that you have to get just right to achieve your desired affect on others is the shoes .Everyone is out there whether dressed-up or dressed-down , making all the difference with the right pair of shoes . Take a look at these red ones on the image .

I love these pics Bob. I'm from California and a product of the stale suburbs but these pictures really help take me away from all that.
Well take a trip ...come to NYC and have some fun will only cost you a fortune .From $400 to $700 a day for the room alone unless you cheat and stay in someones illegal bed and breakfast .

There were better and more affordable times when New York was still New York and the neighborhoods were still ruled by the people . Unfortunately most of that is gone thanx to mssrs. Giuliani and Bloomberg but there is still some fun to be had ... a little bit left
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