Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Multi-Agency Saturday Night Inspection at Odessa Bar ...

Saturday night NYPD 9th precinct , NYPD Legal Dept. , NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection , NYC Dept of Health , NYC Dept. of Buildings and FDNY conducted a multi-agency inspection of the venerable neighborhood institution , Odessa Bar and Cafe , at 117 Avenue A . General conditions were observed , a variety of required city permits were checked and the liquor was inspected .
Such co-ordinated multi-agency inspections are a routine procedure . With the proliferation of bars and community complaints concerning bars such inspections are occurring more frequently today in the East Village .
Needless to say the clientele was not at ease in the midst of a bar full of cops , especially if they were under-age , and most got the hell out of the bar in a hurry .
We do not know the results of the inspection . NYPD personnel at the site noted that the bar had recently sold to minors on at least two occaisions .

Are checking David McWater, chair community board 3 venerable bars as well?
Do the math...
Arrgh, the are not enugh mult-agency officers to attend to McWater's many bars, aarrrr besides they are too crowded to fit that many multi agency workers in -- it is a fine service to the community that McWater's does with all these bars! Yes siree.

Bar crawls are very important, a priority like college kids housing. Arrrg and no under age drinkers every get served in McWater's bars ever! It is great to have a chair that really understands the community's priority darn it and it is bars!!!!! He should stay chair for the next 10 years until John Sexton retires and he can take his place!
I came across this card in a store that caters to empowering women.

dispatch number

This is an org. that works Friday and Saturday to make sure women that are out on the town get home safely.

Their motto is right rides because getting home safely should not be a luxury.

Please remember there are predators out there that are looking to prey on people who are drunk. Also it doesn't matter if it a man wearing a 2,000 dollar business suit or looks like a saint, do not let them near your drink. Have your drink poured from the bottle in front of you and do not leave it unattended. Do not mix alcohol with prescription drugs, over the counter drugs or drugs and try to make sure you have a trusted friend with you if you must go out an party late at night.

Be safe.
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