Sunday, March 23, 2008


L.E.S. Jewels on Avenue A Redux ...

A full moon rises over the transformer bays at the 5th street Con Edison substation : moon-beams and intense electro-magnetic fields contribute a special charge to the evening air along avenue A .

With Amy wearing a mask , Jewels and Amy stroll arm-in-arm down avenue A . They are out on a date on date night ,Saturday evening .

Date night isn't entertaining enough though and Jewels takes to the street stopping traffic , sharing the intersection with a man drunken and as still as Lot's wife after she turned to a pillar of salt , at 7th street and avenue A.

Biker Bill helps the old guy out of the intersection as Jewels gossips with NYPD . The drunk is eventually taken to hospital by an ambulance . He was so drunk because he likes to drink but he was so distraught because he had lost the room in which he had been living .

Just like last spring its back to games in the street chasing a man in traffic who had also been released recently from prison .

After smart-mouthing and insulting this man Jewels is beaten by him on avenue A.
Shortly before this event , while we were talking to a friend , Jewels had while smart-mouthing and taunting us , sneakily whacked us with his cane in the right gonad causing a good bit of a very special kind of pain . In response we grabbed Jewels and rammed his head into the wall of a building and then put him on the sidewalk . We were told later by witnesses to the event that as we were handling him he cried " assault " and "call the cops ". Fortunately , being that the cops were but a few feet away , we got control of ourselves , regained our composure and let Jewels go .We did not press charges though the cops were ready to cuff him and take him away . Though we gave him a break , Jewels continued his taunting and smart-mouthing of us for rest of the evening , at least until the beating he received from the man pictured above and below subdued him .
Jewels mistakenly blames NMNL's coverage of his arrest at 7th street at avenue A last July for being responsible for his recent 8 month incarceration at Rikers Island . Jewels being drunk at the time of his crime does not remember that he was arrested and incarcerated for grabbing a man by the throat , striking him with his cane while demanding money from him .
CORRECTION : Jewels' head did not quite make it to the wall of the building . Ray's door , which we broke , got in the way . We repaired Ray's door late last night .

One last smart-assed remark ...

.... and a moment of terror for Jewels as the beating continues .

Amy comes to comfort a Jewels now near tears after his beating .

While Saturday night revelers stuff their faces with Ray's Belgian Fries and vast selection special sauces , Amy tends to her wounded and exhausted Jewels just before she leaves him to return to her dorm .

03:05 Hrs. , 32 Degrees : Jewels , 4 days out of Rikers Island asleep , snuggled-up with Edgar , on avenue A at Ray's Candy Store .

We at the SHADOW, having observed the overly-familiar interaction between Jewels and the NYPD, which, for some reason never seems to arrest him no matter what he does or to whom he does it, can only conclude that the NYPD and Jewels have a "special" relationship. Good for them. Bad for anyone he reports to them about. Be warned.
these are amazing photos. thanks for them, and the accompanying story. It's all really astounding, visually and otherwise.
Bob, you don't know Joel so very well. There is no moment of terror. He's not afraid of getting a beating; in fact he's looking for it, I've always thought. He's always had a lot bottled up inside, and needs to get it out however he can. Music was one way, fighting when wrecked another, and it never mattered if he won the fight or got his ass beat, which seemed to be the case more often than not. The tears are from remorse and self-loathing, not fear or trauma.
Yes you are correct in what you point out concerning Joel or Jewels as we know him here .He does seem to desire and seek a good beating at times--I've noticed that often--but I can assure you from what I have seen several times over , up-close and uncomfortably , that there is a bit of terror experienced by him when he realizes that he has gone too far and chosen the wrong subject to torment and thus is going to be hurt seriously .

The tears as you say are from remorse and self-loathing...most of the time . But sometimes they are there just because it hurts so much .

I remember a day in TSP last summer when Jewels had just the day before gone on a drunken rampage . As a result of this drunken rampage he endured and suffered several serious beatings but was in TSP singing "I fight to lose " in a wretched condition , black eye and all ,with a band that was practicing in the park .

The band did not want him a round so he attacked them with his cane , of course in the process stiking the drummer smartly and painfully on the hand . The band left;he had prevailed .

Indeed he does have a lot locked -up inside as you say ....and "demon liquor" seems to let all lose on the world around him .
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