Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Late Night Sunday in Times Square ...

Lights still on and brighter than ever ...

Arrrg, is that our future Bobby? A place just for tourists, college kids and deal makers because we are sure looking like Time Square more and more these days, yes sireee!
City of dreamers
even broken dreams have their beauty like a worn out facade
but they tell us it is about money
dreams in to dollars
called losers if we can't cash in,
it is about mega bucks this new city "make over" for college town kids and power brokers broke it down
yeah they broke it down
the beauty of old New York City for their mega monolith sea of glittery mirrors
concrete mega builds
river of denial mega dorms
half empty hotels
and invisible "you are not welcome signs"

NYC is was a city of dreamers and possibilities
but we had dreams
dared to have dreams
still do
still do

Used to be called Urban jungle
hinting at something wild
but now it is just a mega shopping mall
for college kids, tourists and a donald trump bad reality show
I agree. I'm a college student from California and I do believe that gentrification is a terrible thing and am incredibly angry with the actions of NYU and the various hotels. If I could've been on East 5th for the protests I would have stood with you guys.
Bless you!
There are a list of sites you can find that are involved in fighting evictions and you can help. Look on my blog at my links.
also Peter from Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen needs help fighting eviction or just come in and buy something!

So please keep your ears open and turn up at any rallies coming up this year etc. if you can show up great and bring friends!

Thanks so much for your sensitivity and empathy. You are a student I welcome in the neighborhood I have called home for over 2 decades. My grandfather was born in a tenement house on Ludlow.

I woke up from a bad dream literally and to find your response gave me some comfort.

and check the news and blogs this year -- we will need your support re: rallies, etc.

I have been trying to get NYU and all the mega dorms in the area to give us community outreach resource centers and if they were in the store fronts of dorms -- in the lobbies than students would know first hand the communities and their struggles and how and where they could get involved to help! Of course NYU has done zero because they are too busy buying up and tearing down to supersize every piece of real estate they can get their greedy hands on.

Hmmm, NYU is the no. 1 real estate magnate. Could you imagine if they had to pay taxes on all the real estate they owned? How much would that be?

Thank you!
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