Sunday, March 30, 2008


1996 : Ms. Van Gogh , Portraitiste , on Avenue A ...

As we recollect she went by the name Ms. Van Gogh and would draw your likeness for $2.00 . She was good at what she did and was quick to finish .
One night she told us of having seen Bob Dylan visting the city that existed below Tompkins Square Park . She explained how he entered the subterranean burg by using a secret trap door under a large green bush in the park .
Ms. Van Gogh was on the avenue for at most a few weeks , then one day she disappeared , never to be seen again .

i remember her well. she did my portrait for a dollar and introduced herself as "warhol van gogh." used to see her reappear with shaved head, assumed fresh from bellevue, shouting at passing traffic. haven't seen her in years.

thanks for adding her portrait and letting me remember her.
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