Saturday, March 01, 2008


17 Days More ...

Amy is reading from the text of a children's story that she and the love of her life , dearest friend and companion , Jewels , are writing together . A story about an island of monkeys that is invaded by pirates . Amy is doing the illustrations and Jewels , poet that he is , is doing the rhyming . They are working together by correspondance : Jewels is currently incarcerated at Rykers Island ... but that is soon to change .
In a bit more than 2 weeks (on or about 18 March 2008 ) Jewels will cross the bridge that connects Rykers to the mainland of NYC and walk back into civilian life . Then he will have served 8 months of a 1 year sentence . Commonly those who behave well at Rykers are released after serving just 8 months of their 1 year sentence . Jewels has been a good boy and thus will be out early .
Returning to civilian life may not be so easy though , he will not have his own place to stay and he will not have an income . He can stay with Amy at her dorm for 3 days but then he will be on his own . Will he head to Tompkins Square park where he has some freinds ?
Jewel's freinds in TSP want him to come down right-away . According to Amy , they have a big party in mind for him with booze , coke , assorted other drugs and strippers .... just exactly what he needs the least . The last place for Jewels to be is TSP and avenue A , the place where his drunken hijinx got him arrested 19 July of 2007 , pictures of which arrest were posted here at NMNL .
Amy believes in miracles affirming that they happen all the time . We certainly hope she is able to work one here for her and Jewels .

thanks for posting about Jewels and Amy. I am entranced by them.
you are welcome .

they are now a public pair ;a part of our lives that we need to know about ...part of the family I suppose .
I miss reading about the two of them but I really do hope L.E.S. Jewels has got his act together.
We'll soon find out .
I thought I saw Jewels in the Park yesterday--but it was someone who looks like him--Jewels told me of an accupuncture point that really works for headaches--he is cool-
I knew Jewels for a long time, and considered him a great friend. Still do, truth be told. I love him like a brother. It makes me really sad to see him trying to follow in Bobby Ebbs' footsteps. Bobby was trying to be Gigi Allin, and ended up living in TSP, making Denise steal lunchmeat so they could survive. She lost an eye. Eventually, he lost his life. So did many others that we knew.
SSI will give him an income. He just has to go to detox, that's all. As soon as he gets the medical papers together he can go to SSI and apply. It might take a year but its worth it.
Why the fuck does'nt somebody tell him this? I know PLENTY of homeless here in Boston that get a check every month and if they don't get that, than at least they get 150.00 a week in food stamps.
From what i've read N.Y.C. is a VERY BAD place to be unless you've got $$$$$$

The dude needs to get the fuck out of NYC and live in a homeless-friendly place like Boston.
He's gonna go back to the bottle again
if he's got no place to stay, that's the sad truth to it.
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