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03:21 Hrs., 36 Degrees : Jewels , 3 Days Out of Rikers Island and Asleep at "Pizza Shop" on Avenue A

Oh, Jewels, damnit! If Amy loves Jewels then he must be truly wonderful (despite him lashing out irrationally at NMNL). It's to see him like this.

The thing is "writermama " jewels does not remember his drunken evening of arrest so he thinks that what was published is what put him in jail for 8 months .

We spent more thatn an hour with his lawyer ,I told him that if the ADA called for my testimony that I would under oath tell what I saw : jewel's hands around a mans throat while jewels is striking the man with a cane and demanding money from him . His lawyer decided to plea-bargain and accept a year for Jewels in the city system rather than 2 or 3 years upstate .

This is not overwith , tonight Jewels clipped me in the right gonad with his cane and of course I responded physically but in the end pulling my punches rather than really destroying him . Later someone else did a number on him without any mercy because he dissed him . Jewels is not long for this world . It seems that is the way that he wants it to be .... he seems to desire destruction .
poor jewelz
If someone hit me with a cane I would'nt have a good word to say about him for the rest of my life.
I know it's wrong to judge a person but where do you draw the line? This guy Jewels is definately a topic on NMNL and I have to say right out that at this point in his life (however short it may be) Jewels is nothing but a piece of dangerous street trash described by many adjectives.
What do you say about a man who becomes drunk in public, defecates in public view or in his clothing, grabs people by the throat to rob them, and occasionally terrorizes other innocent people who are just minding their own business?
If someone calls a man like Jewels "wonderful", then I think they either don't know all the facts or are insensitive to the suffering Jewels seems to enjoy dishing out to the public. If he knew I posted this, he'd damn well swing the cane at me!
There are ways ANYONE can better their living condition. I explained this in my last post on this site. Jewels can do it and he does'nt even have to quit drinking too long just to get SSI. All he has to do is go to detox and get the medical papers.
I know the shelters in NYC are hell, but their are some people in those places that actually care about people and will help them. Jewels is out of jail, therefore he is eligible for that help
right now but does'nt realize it or does'nt want to. He has NO IDEA how good life is right now, even though he just got out of prison! What is wrong here??
If it was'nt for NMNL hardly anyone would even know about this man and I know I would not. Yet through his own booze-soaked twisted reasoning he concludes that it must be
NMNL that is causing his problems, just like when he tore down that oil-derrick
thing in the park last year.
There are many human tragedies in this world and Jewels is a very visible tragedy to some people, mostly people in NYC.
A lot of people follow the L.E.S. Jewels story and like to read about him and his fragmented life. Some people care and some people laugh at him for being the drunken, violent, and obscene clown that he has made of himself to date.
To the people who don't care I say HAVE A LAUGH!!! This is'nt just some poor guy struggling with alcoholism (he seems more surrendered to it) no-- this is a guy who grab you by the throat if he wants to, will defecate publically even if your kids are there, will ATTACK you with his cane--- he's got a hell of a reputation.
To the people who do care--
Deep inside me, I honor your concern but I hope you don't misplace it. There are plenty of people like Jewels who DON'T want to live a hazardous life and DON'T want to keep drinking and living dangerously. They are the ones who deserve your kindness and not some overly visible lunatic who makes life hell for people who won't give him their money.
Most of all--- don't feel bad when you read about some tragedy happening to Jewels because all the ingredients
are there for him to become a statistic
and eventually it will happen.
Until then, and because of the way he chooses to live his life, Jewels serves a small part of the public by becoming
a drunken, hellish, new-age clown to laugh at with a soul longing for death since it may be the only way to escape the trap he is ensnared in.

But you never know in this life--
Miracles can happen.
If it does'nt happen to Jewels
it will happen to someone.
Then NYC and the world will
forget L.E.S. Jewels.

That's life in the big city.
It goes on and on and on........
randy, that was a very in depth, conclusive account of who and what jewels is. i grew up in this neighborhood that jewels loves to terrorize, the sad part is he has also been terrorized but doesn't realize the error of his ways. i remember a summer or two ago, jewels exposed himself to some kids who couldn't have been more than 5 in tsp and was prompty fucked up, but good. I am not gonna sugar coat it, jewels is garbage, there is not a redeemable quality in his body. people who act this way, care little about others, i understand he is an interesting subject, but his time has come and gone. i remember the first time i met him, he bragged to me how he had oded multiple times in one day and wasn't afraid of the cops or anyone for that matter. i looked at him, sitting there, intoxicated, dirty, smelly, stupid, and realized that his life wasn't worth shit, and that what he thought made him, had actually broken him. i been in the system, for some real shit, a man must live by a code, something that jewels knows nothing about. all the offensive shit i've witnessed him do to innocent people has made me sick to my stomach, and the fact that people can care for him, sickens me.
good points, all. it's easy to romanticize street characters like jewels, I guess, on some level, because they seem to be fast disappearing for this neighborhood --so apologies if my comment seemed insensitive.
The temptation to sympathetically see a man in desparate straights as a hero battling heroically a difficult fate replete with demons is considerable .... and Jewels is truly struggling with demons . Booze is the most potent of them .His desparate battleground is the East Village .

On Booze our drunk's florid behavior is as shown sometimes dramatic , sometimes entertaining and sometimes just pathetic .He is though just another drunk who in his case hurts himself and others routinely .

When one deals with Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde , its Jekyll's creation ,a drug , that births the terrific Hyde .With Jewels if something could separate Jewels from from his drug , Booze , the guy might have a chance in this world . It seems though that we can't part Jewels and his booze so we have our own sort of Hyde ... our own dangerous Hyde that will certainly do harm .

We also have to point out that our justice system has wasted the taxpayer's money and utterly failed Jewels and the society to which he has returned.

It seems inevitable that Jewels will soon be again incarcerated at the people's expense .
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