Friday, February 08, 2008


Convenience Store at the Corner of Avenue B and 4th Street is Closed by NYPD ...

Closed and padlocked by an NYPD team including members of the 9th precinct , Emergency Services personnel and members of the NYPD Legal Dept. for the sale of alcohol to a minor , 50 Avenue B will not be open for business this weekend . The convenience store's owners will lose a good bit of business this weekend .
With the commander of the 9th precinct Deputy Inspector DeQuatro present NYPD Emergency Services personnel place a padlock on the convenience store's front door.

Members of the NYPD Legal Dept. post legal documents explaining the closure of the convenience store for the sale of alcohol to a minor .

The popular convenience store "Finest Pizza and Deli" at 50 avenue B , the corner of 4th street and avenue B , stands closed by NYPD Thursday night .

Wonder whats happening to thatNYPD detective who was pimping that young girl? That story kind of dropped, at least they're keeping children from beer!
wonder what happened to that bouncer that killed those young girls? That story kinda dropped. Or what about the story where the black professor from Columbia hung a noose outside her apartment and said someone else did it? That story kinda dropped.
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