Thursday, February 07, 2008


Ben Shaoul : Boy developer , Boy Wonder . Check It Out ...

and at :

Yes , check it out . Read the comments at both sites .This story refers to some of our pictures that are here on NMNL so we point your attention in it's direction .

We tried to comment at the Observer but their system would not accept our comment detailing the eviction attempt that he unlawfully made at 120 St Marks Place back in March of 2006 . Mr. Shaoul was questioned by the Observer about what we pictured that day and has his own inventive take on it all . You can read and see our take on it all complete with pictures right here at NMNL .

Take a look at the comments with the Observer story . Amazingly there are folks out there that persist in believing that this guy is a sweet , modest , innocent young miracle working Boy Wonder : our experience with him at a distance and up close and personal is quite to the contrary .

Use the "Blogger" search feature in the upper left-hand corner of the page to explore the assembled posts concerning "Benjamin Shaoul" and "120 St Marks Place ". Have fun comparing and contrasting NMNL and the NY Observer on the subject of Ben Shaoul .

"Google" and "Yahoo" him and his company Magnum Management too.

No pictures today ...

Your link to the article takes you to the 2nd page, rather than the first. Most of the good stuff is on the first page.
Sorry my mistake .
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