Sunday, January 20, 2008


Saturday Night : Gang Fails in Robbery Attempt at Ray's Candy Store But Succeeds Later in Beating Male at Corner of 7th St. and Avenue A ....

ABOVE : The window through which the look-out watched Ray in his store .

ABOVE : The cash register and cash-box full of cash behind Ray's counter that the young thieves were after .

Saturday night shortly before mid-night a gang of young males attempted to rob Ray's Candy Store . Their attempt failed but they did a few minutes later , 75 feet from Ray's at the corner of 7th st. and Avenue A , suceed in attacking a male .
The male that was attacked , in his late 20 s , was part of a typical mixed Saturday night group of people out enjoying the East Village night-scene . The man was hit several times but most notably in the eye which was significantly bruised and cut . The gang , which this man claimed included 10 individuals , hit and ran away very quickly . The injured man did not request an ambulance . Police were at the to scene and investigated the incident .
The earlier attempted robbery involved 4 young males , 2 males inside at the counter , 1 male outside at the window of the candy store to watch for Ray who was in the back of his store preparing Belgian Fries and 1 male standing outside as a look-out on the street .
The 2 males inside at the counter were preparing to climb over the counter to grab the cash in Ray's change box and cash-register as the male outside at the front window was busy advising them as to whether Ray was still safely in the back of the store . We noticed this operation in progress and thus stepped into the store , backed-up by "Biker Bill" Walker. As we walked in the young punks ran out the door and down the street to join their friends who would a few minutes later attack a man at 7th and avenue A .
The members of this racially mixed group of young males appeared to range in age from 14 t0 18 years .They were at least 6 in number .
Earlier in the evening they had been seen running and rough-housing among themselves on avenue A .
No member of this gang was as far as we know arrested Saturday night .

I'm really glad you et al were there to save Ray's cash that night. I love Ray and his shop, and would hate to see anything bad happen to him or it.

I saw what I think was part of this gang on Avenue A between 12th and 13th Street doing a grab and run in another candy store. As far as I know they only got a couple handfuls of candy. There were 3 or 4 of them.
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