Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The New "New Museum" on the Bowery ...

With all the architectural finesse of an industrial warehouse with some peculiar detail including heavy-duty expanded metal screen covering the entire building ...including the high-up windows ( will an angry rabble really hurl rocks and bottles that high ?) ... the new " New Museum" is now a major Bowery sideshow .
With 3 floors of galleries , a theater below grade , some administrative areas , and a mixed-use ground floor all manner of contempoary art is on display . While flat-panel monitor displays , constructions of all sorts and drawn and painted things might befuddle some attending , a resource center and an in-museum book-store provide a possible path for anyone interested to an enlightened understanding of contemporary art confabulations .
With faith and hard work there is the possibility of "coming to know" for the uninitiated . Indeed if one choses to devote a few days to study in the downtown contemporary art scene there is right next door to the museum ( for the time-being at least ) the Sunshine Hotel where one can take residence and every day continue late into the night with one's aesthetic lucubrations .

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