Thursday, December 13, 2007


Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen Again Faces Eviction , This Time at the End of December ...

Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen faces a possible eviction at the end of December . We have posted here at NMNL of Peter Silvestri's previous problems with eviction last spring . A protest was held then in Tompkins Square Park to save the vegetarian bakery . The event included free vegetarian eats and speakers including Suzannah B. Troy and the Reverand Billy . Thanks to this community's efforts the bakery was given a several month extension on its lease . This extension is now ending and Mr. Silvestri does not know what the future after the first of the year will be. This previous protest can be seen by using the Blogger search feature to the upper left of the page .
The bakery has been a neighborhood institution at this 130 St Marks Place location for many years and is still a successfully functioning business and to many an essential part of what is left of this East Village Neighborhood .
Mr. Silvestri and Sara Burghardt are seen at the window as a customer enters .

Bob: Thank you so much for posting this image of Peter and The Whole Earth Bakery because people forget that there are evictions going on and Peter and his mom Filomena who passed away knowing we fought for her and she did not die all her Vegan earth Mom energy and hard work tossed out on the street -- The Bakery like the tenants of are very much loved by the community and people need to be reminded of their struggles.
Peter has been like an East Village Gandhi gently dealing with his landlord (who is also a lawyer) and continues to win more time but the big question is what will happen this December. Will the landlord do the cruelest deed possible this Christmas.

Thanks again for showing this picture and bringing attention to Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen that was here before the 2 mega Whole Food stores. Whole Foods conference called me with the manager of Whole Foods at Houston and I asked him to take Filomena and Peter's Whole Earth Bakery and move the store to their front windows to honor a small business that was here before they mega moved in and to make their store some how unique but he said no way.

Anyone who can help Peter in any possible --- please walk in and give him some support of any kind.
Suzannah B. Troy
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