Friday, December 14, 2007


The People Protest Cooper Square Hotel and the Licensing of it's Proposed 3 Bars Last Monday Evening ...

Monday night 50 to 75 local residents again protested the presence of the outsized monster of a building at the corner of 5th st. and Bowery known as the Cooper Square Hotel . The protestors were also protesting the hotel's owners attempts to license the hotels 3 bars , especially the one that is associated with the outside garden . This garden and bar is proposed to be immediately adjacent to the windows of several next-door residents .
After the outdoor protest everyone entered the Evelyn & Louis Green Residence at 200 East 5th St. to attend the Community Board 3 State Liquor Authority (SLA) committee meeting to hear the hotel's owner , Mr. Moss , and his lawyer , Mr. Bernstein , present thier applications for the hotel's liquor licenses to the committee . The hotel was seeking the committee's approval and referal to the full C.B. 3 board for final voting on the applications . The result of the full board vote will then be referred to the New York State Liquor authority to inform the SLA's vote to approve or deny the license applications .
Mr. Orter of the 5th st. block association presented its case against the approval and referal of the applications to the full C.B. 3 board .
The committee agreed to approve the applications for referal to the full C.B. 3 board only if the hotel signed an agreement to limit in numerous ways the operation of its business and of it's bars in particular . A copy of this agreement can be obtained later from C.B. 3 .
The committee called for a vote for and against the approval by all those present . Most of those present voted against aprroval . Only a handful , the hotel owner's team , voted for approval and they did not seem that happy when they left the committee meeting .

Awesome protest! Great photos!

Doesn't Alexandra Militano, district attorney and head of the CB3 SLA3, live on a block with no bars?
CB3 and CB3SLA3 areveryverycloseknitgroup but sadly the community is not being represented and the outrage of all these signs that say "No bars" just underscored how ineffectively so.

People walk around with impeach Bush buttons and count down the days until he is out of office and I feel the same way about those representing our community except we did not vote for these people.
Well done on your reporting and the greedy people, the "power players", the "mini Mike Bloomberg wannabees" do not want us to speak up, they don't want us to attend, speak up, rally, unite and they do not want the media covering what is going down and that is our community and it is city wide.
Your efforts are courageous, necessary, heroic and appreciated.
Thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy
Bob, I am glad I ran into you on the street last night. It's great to see the East Village through your lens. I had no idea Noah Ryder was involved with that commune on St. Marks. I saw myself in one of your pictures from the Cooper Square Hotel vs 5th Street residents meeting (first time I've ever been photographed with an M8). I went up to the top of the roof of that building that night and shot a picture looking downtown: (permanent link)
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