Saturday, December 29, 2007


Life on the Street : A Little Post-Christmas Socializing on Avenue A ... and Then a Trip to Detox ...

Jay and Karl have a few social , post-Christmas beers on Avenue A.

Later friends Jay and Sid help a well souced Karl change into clean , dry trousers and socks generously provided by friend Suzannah ...

... and then its suck down one last beer ... and , when the ambulance arrives , it is off to "detox" and a chance to clean-up and get a good nights rest .

Thanks Bob but I only faciliated the gift of pants...not the socks. I told my friend Frank about my goal to get Karl in clean pants by the end of the day and Frank was on his way to donate some clothes so when I picked out a pair of 2nd hand trousers Frank insisted on paying. I don't know whom the kind soul was who donated the socks but the city gives us all a chance to take turns being each other's pinch hitting angel.
Jay who can be a bad boy is pictured here being a saint. He is doing a noble and kind deed. This is the true richness of NYC and not the empty headed symbols that people flaunt to compensate for their feelings of inferiority and the emptiness in their hearts and soul.
Karl has so much grace and remains so kind it is easy to be inspired to help him. I gave him a kiss inside the ambulance and he gave me a big WET one in return.
His broken arm is not quite mended and still causes him pain so I hope they keep him for awhile.
Edgar is sitting there now shivering and I handed him a pair of my gloves that are too small...just so sad.

There has to be a better way to address the need for shelter.

His eyes are filled with beautiful colors....
just sad and he confirmed Karl is mostly likely in detox and maybe there for a while which is good because it is just getting colder.
Edgar did not have the gloves I gave him so I hope they found the hands of a needy person and he did tell me he was going to Queens which gave me some relief.

We chatted about Karl and I asked him about detox.
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