Monday, November 05, 2007


For Mosaic Man , No More Pulling of Hair ...

Yes , it is now a better and saner time for Jim and Jesse Jane . No more living in a park or sleeping the night in the street . Jim and Jesse have an appartment in Brooklynn .

Jim sold his web site , , but now has a site that has a very similar name and has all the content of the old site , as well as a new site .

To our mind , and perhaps here we are just prejudiced and thus too judgemental , Jim sold his site for far too little to a Mr. Weiss who we feel simply capitalized on Jim 's desperation , misery and misfortune because he could ... a behavior being nothing new or unusual in todays East Village .

According to Jim , Mr. Weiss is in some way in the real estate bussiness as well as an owner of numerous other web-sites . Who knows what will become of in Mr. Weiss's hands .

For us this sale is just another example of the destruction of something that , though a bit disfunctional at times and under-utilized , was a major constituent of what was the East Village .... it amounts to a loss for anyone that loved the character of the East Village. The principle of the maximization-of-asset-performance wins again .

Jim used the money from the sale to rent an appartment in Brooklynn near the intersection of Broadway and Myrtle ave . The appartment is a basement appartment with a backyard that Jess Jane loves . It is only 2 stops from the lower east side by the J train .

Jim is still working on his Mosaic Mile project and now has some assistance with that project . Bob Holman and his NYU class has obtained not-for-profit staus for the mosaic project . The project site can be found at . Individuals and groups can donate money , materials and labor at this site . The group is sponsoring a walking tour of the Mosaic Mile on November 17 ,2007 .

Today Jim was in an up-beat positive mood as can be seen below as we photographed him in Tompkins Square Park talking to "TheVillager" about his recently improved situation and his plans for the future .

Jim's hand and arm are swollen from an infection and he truly needs all the support he can get to get some medical care and to have peace of mind that Jesse Jane is being cared for.

My building does not allow dogs or I would volunteer to care for her while he gets medical treatment.

I am glad some NYU students are working to help Jim but John Sexton's "NYU" is the evil empire of the East Village and they need to give us community outreach resource centers in every mega dorm where they used the term community facility yet exclude the community The community outreach resource centers would have free computer use, a table to ask for volunteers, a listing of small businesses (including on NYU and all universities that "occupy" the E. Village, a list of all free and discounted resources, NYPD community info, and many more resource listings to help but John Sexton continues to turn a deaf ear and his back as he exploits our neighborhood.

I was shocked when I visited and saw the visual of construction sites -- what the community have come to loathe -- that represents the destruction and push out of our community as well as the dirt, noise and sound pollution that is inescapable because the city gave out way to many work permits in the CB3 area and many were to supersize our historic area as evictions rise so the guy that bought this reflects like the mirrored building a ruthless exploitive attitude that "does not get it" --- the construction doesn't represent the East Village but the death of the "VILLAGE" which includes the tallest most hideous mega dorm because John Sexton was the village to be NYU-ville East and West and luxury condos and hotels and the area looks like a generic shopping mall as we lose our dynamism so that guy made out like a bandit paying Jim that represents dynamism and he should really pay Jim a lot more and like NYU he should make the site dedicated to helping small businesses and people fight eviction and be able to remain in what should be the East Village!
Suzannah B. Troy
ditto to the above. it sucks that Jim sold low, but i'm glad he has digs that aren't too far away. I've often wished that I had a place for him and JJ to stay.q
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