Monday, November 26, 2007


More of Tompkins Square Park Goes to the Dogs : A View of the Recently Expanded TSP Dog Run

Do you know what's up with those new chain link fence gates that are now sectioning off parts of the north side of TSP?

I have had a paranoic vision that it's really a secret social engineering conspiracy to eliminiate the crusties and replace them with yuppie dog walkers or some other nefarious plot on part of the
Bloombergian gentrification imperium.

But maybe it's just some innocent park maintanence thing.

Any clue?
Well , when we put on the special wierdly glowing lead-lined helmut that we use to sense adumbrations of that which is likely to come to pass ( only probabilities you know in this probalistic indeterminate universe )we repeatedly see shadows of Mayor Bloomberg in ruby encrusted platform shoes , wearing a robe with a large dog holding his leash while he cuts a ribbon surrounded by thousands of dogs with humans on their leashes . The location is clearly Tompkins Square you tell us ...whats it all mean ?
its only temporary
We are not expanding but just displaced with the renovation of the original run, which unfortunately keeps on running into problems (soil issues, weather, etc.).
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