Wednesday, November 28, 2007


L.E.S. Jewels Does a Bullet at Riker's ...

On a rare day last summer in Tompkins Square Park we see L.E.S. Jewels above , whom we have posted of here at NMNL for a year-and-a-half now , relaxed and sober .
Today Jewels is likely sober but he is not in TSP and perhaps not so relaxed . He is on Riker's Island having been sentenced to a year of relatively easy city time . Jewels pleaded to the charges of attempted robbery , assault and assault with a weapon , a cane . Somehow he avoided a more difficult and lengthy stay in a state prison up-state .
With this year-long sentence he will be back on the street at the latest by next July and at the earliest late April of 2008 .
So will he get it together and work towards a worthy life ... or should we put together the betting pools now and start taking odds on when he will first be on a drunken rampage in TSP , his first public urination or perhaps the date of his first mooning of a cop car ... or whatever ?

If the system doesnt get it right the locals will. He'd be smart to try a new hood upon release.
He either going to live a diffferent life,or provide the world with more entertainment (by going back to his old ways), or die. If he does'nt mend his ways I hope he does'nt die soon. He is pretty entertaining.
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